Step-by-Step Instructions for Customizing YouTube Captions

YouTube Closed Caption ImageClosed captions on YouTube videos can be very useful if you don’t want to disturb others while you watch — or if the environment is too noisy to hear the audio. But did you know that you can choose to have the captions translated into other languages? It’s super easy — watch my short tutorial or follow the instructions below.

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Setting Up YouTube Captions Video Tutorial

This short video will show you how to set up captions on any YouTube Video.  Keep in mind that you will need to set the captions for each video you watch and that the captions are generated by Artificial intelligence, so the translations may not be perfect.

YouTube Captions Step-by-Step

To turn on the captions, you must first set them to “on” and then tell YouTube which language to use.

YouTube Closed Caption Image

To begin, with you a YouTube Video on your screen:

  • Click or touch the gear with the little HD label.
YouTube Closed Caption Image

From the pop-up menu

  • Click or touch Subtitles/CC
YouTube Closed Caption Image

From the next pop-up menu

  • Click or touch English (auto-generated). You’ll notice the captions appear on the left of your screen. If English is the language you need, you’re all done! If you’d like the captions to be translated into another language read on.
YouTube Closed Caption Image
YouTube Closed Caption Image
Auto Translate You Tube Video Captions

To set the captions to another language:

  • Click or touch the Gear again, as in step one.
  • Click or touch English (auto-generated) to open the pop-up menu
  • Click or touch Auto Translate
  • Scroll to select the desired language. You’ll notice the captions appear on the left side of your screen change to the new language!
YouTube Closed Caption Image

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