Purchasing from Vicki Robinson Designs

Shopping at Oscraps is a breeze!

This page contains tips on shopping at Vicki Robinson Designs, checking out and using coupons, and coupon troubleshooting.


All of my products are available excusively at Oscraps. In order to make a purchase or use a coupon code, be sure you are logged into your customer/shop account. To do so, click the “login” link at the top of any page of the Oscraps shop. If  you do not have an account, use the “register” link. Once you are logged in, the top of the screen will show the account name you are using. 



While in my shop, notice that you can either browse all of the products by simply scrolling down, or you can use the categories a the top of the shop. Click a product thumbnail image to see a larger preview and it’s product description — or if you already know you want the product, click the shopping bag icon below the thumbnail to add the item to your cart. Clicking the little heart icon will add the item to your “wishlist” so you can remind yourself of it for future purchases.

Starting the Check Out Process and Entering Coupons

After adding products to your cart, you will be given the option to “View Cart,” “Continue Shopping” or “Proceed to Checkout.”  I recommend that you choose to “View Cart” before going to checkout — read on and you’ll see why.


If you choose “View Cart,” you will be presented with a list of all the products in your cart, along with the total purchase price. You may remove items by clicking the “x” to the right of each product.

If you have a coupon, enter the code where indicated and click “submit.” Notice that the total purchase price will show the discount applied and the new, discounted subtotal. If the total does not change, or if you get an error message, see the Coupon Troubleshooting Tips below.

If the total purchase amount is correct, click the “Checkout” button.

Note: if you choose “Proceed to Checkout,” you will be presented with a checkout screen. You will still be able to enter your coupon code where indicated below. Click the little black triangle to apply the coupon.

Choosing a Payment Method, Completing Checkout, Downloading

Now it’s time to select a payment method.

  • If paying by Gift Certificate, enter the code where indicated and click the little black triangle to apply.
  • Choose to pay using PayPal or by Credit/Debit Card.
  • Double check that the amount of your purchase reflects any coupons that may have been applied.
  • Check the box to agree to the Oscraps Terms and Conditions
  • Click Submit Order.

Downloading Your Order

As soon as the order has processed, you’ll be taken to a screen where you can download each of the zip file associated with your order. You will also receive an email (to the address you used to create your Oscraps shop account) with your download links.

Troubleshooting Coupon Tips

If you get an error message trying to use a coupon, these use these tips to figure out what went wrong.

  • Be sure you are logged into your Oscraps shop account.
  • It’s generally easier to “copy” and “paste” a coupon code, if possible. However, when doing so, it is easy to inadvertently capture an extra space before or/after a coupon code. After pasting the code into the discount field, check for extra spaces and delete them.  If that doesn’t work, type the coupon code in manually — being sure to use the same capitalization as shown in the coupon code.
  • Only one coupon can be applied per order
  • My coupons are only valid on Vicki Robinson Designs products, so if a product says it’s a collaboration with another designer, the coupon won’t work.
  • Coupons are sometime disabled during major store sales, so keep the coupon for another use.
  • Most coupons are one use per customer .

If, after working through these tips, you still cannot figure out why a coupon isn’t working, email me at vicki @ vicki-robinson.com  (no spaces of course!). I can usually get back to you within a few hours.

The Oscraps Wish List

It can be hard to decide which products to buy when you’re shopping — using a “wishlist” is an easy way to keep track of things you really like! Oscraps Wish List is super easy to do!