“Live as if there is no tomorrow.” You’ve probably heard those words at least a hundred times. I would imagine that they come up most often after someone has died. And so it is for me.

The Back Story

In March 2014, I was offered a designer position with Oscraps and I, fearfully, put out my first ever Creative Team call. Facebook can be a cruel business partner. I mean, what if no one saw my call? Worse yet, what if no one “liked” it. And even worse … what if no one applied? What would I do then? Turned out my insecurity was unnecessary because I received quite a few applications.

One email in particular literally made me choke on my morning coffee. It read:

Dawn Inskip-live“Just saw your call posted on FB – love your style and thought ‘if you don’t ask, you don’t get.’  I’m Dawn, I’m a Designer at Scrapbookgraphics, but I love to create using my own photo’s, memories and great quotes and verse. You have some amazing products in store and I’d love to be considered for your team, thank you for the chance.”

Dawn??? The Dawn? Inskip? The well-known digi designer? One of the top designers in the industry and one of my design idols? She knew who I was???  Really??  D-A-W-N? It was then I noticed the calendar and saw that it was April 1 – April Fool’s Day. AHAH! Surely, this must be a prank. I sent her a FB message telling her something along the lines of “you’ll never guess what someone just did to me in your name.” But it wasn’t a joke and thus started my friendship with THE DAWN INSKIP. The pages on this post are all Dawn’s work. Click for a closer look – Dawn wasn’t afraid to journal for the world to see.


When I was invited to join Scrapbookgraphics, I was hesitant and Dawn was right there urging me on. A very “no-nonsense” sort of gal, our Dawn. “Put your big girl panties on and get on with it” I think she said. And I did. I learned about her daughter Carly, a falconer. Dawn was so proud of her. I marveled about her ability to churn out stunning collection after collection, all the while scrapping her own life. She was kind and generous with her time, but she didn’t hesitate to let me know if I exhibited signs of having grown too big for my britches. Even after Dawn moved onto another shop we kept in contact – just exchanging little tidbits – as you do.

Live as if There is No Tomorrow

Then … well then  … then Dawn went to the hospital thinking the extreme heat wave hitting England was having an effect on her. She never came back. It’s hard for me to even type those words. Even though it’s been a week since I heard the news (you can read more from one of Dawn’s personal friends here), I still have that same sense of stunned disbelief. If you’re any part of the digi world, I’m sure you’ve seen others expressing the same sadness. Even though we never met in person, Dawn made a big impact on my life. And I just wish, oh how I wish, I’d made more of a point of making sure she knew that.

Today, I came across a recording I’d made of myself creating a digi art journaling page. Even though I made the recording just a few months ago, I’d forgotten all about it. And as the recording came to a close and I saw the words I’d written, I found myself, once again, in tears.  I’ll miss you Dawn – and although I know you’d be flustered and a bit annoyed by hearing it, the rest of the digi world is having a difficult time with your loss. I hate it that you’re a reminder to us all to live as if there is no tomorrow.