Make Sure Your Life Story is Unforgettable

Telling the story, that’s what we do as scrappers. We make sure to document the lives of our children and our grandchildren. We take pictures at every event major event so that those precious memories aren’t lost. And yet, when it comes to making sure that our own stories have been recorded, we seem to stop short. Whether the reason is we don’t like stepping in front of the camera or we just never think about scrapping about ourselves, I believe we are doing our families and ourselves a disservice when we don’t find some way to share at least some parts of ourselves with our loved ones.

Even though it may not be obvious that you have a story to tell, you do. We all do. We all have unique experiences that shape us into the people we have become. We’ve lived in different places and attended different schools. We’ve had multiple sets of friends and relationships. We’ve traveled or vacationed or have a bucket list of places we’ve dreamed of visiting. We’ve been both embarrassed and proud of our various accomplishments. We have likes and dislikes — favorite books, movies, foods, colors, and seasons. All of these — every single one of them — can be the basis of a short story that will reveal to our loved ones exactly who we are. Think of it this way — who knows us better than we know ourselves? How will our families remember us? If we don’t document our own lives, then who will?

My personal quest to document my life story inspired this massive collection of products to guide you through the process of scrapping your own life story. And if that’s not something you’re into, use these products to document the story of anyone important to you.

My own pages were the inspiration for the layered templates. They were designed to help you scrap your story as quickly as possible, so they can be used as is — just add your photos and journaling. But because the colors are neutral, if you want some bling, embellishing the templates with any kit in your stash is easy. The mix and match labels will help you title your pages and tag your photos. The photo corners and old tape give you options for adhering your “stuff” to the page. The stickers are a fun way to draw attention to parts of your page and the ribbon wraps are a great option for tucking photos and memorabilia here and there. If you get stuck for ideas of what to scrap, my page of prompts will guide you to scrap your very beginnings. Start there and you will be well on your way to documenting who you are.

My Life Story Templates

My Life Story Products

Take a look at all of the My Life Story Products in my shop

  • My Life Story Templates Set 01 – 6 layered templates provided in PSD, TIF formats. Full page PNGs are also provided for those that don’t use Adobe products
  • Includes BONUS Start Here folder containing important font information AND “4-Topics-for-Scrapbooking-Your-Life-Story-the-Beginning” pdf
  • My Life Story Basics: Frames and Fasteners – 31 elements: frames, tape, staples, brads, clips, photo corners, and journal papers. Provided in PNG format.
  • My Life Story Basics: Labels – 10 labels, 1 label/text border, and 40 label words. Provided in PNG format.
  • My Life Story Basics: Ribbon Wraps – 6 ribbon wraps, each provided with and without brads, for a total of 12 ribbon wraps. Provided in PNG format.
  • My Life Story Basics: Stickers – 20 stickers with clear “vellum” borders. Provided in PNG format.
  • My Life Story Basics: Neutral Basics – 10 12 x 12 backgrounds. Provided in JPG format
  • 15% Discount Coupon from Wendyzine Scraps on the purchase of any of her photo book products to help you prepare your files for uploading to all of the major photo book printing companies

What Inspired the My Life Story Products


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  1. Cynthia

    Hi, Vicki,
    You are so right if we don’t do a few pages about our life, who will?
    I have dates and times set aside on my calendar for all my scrapbook projects.
    Today I put myself down for 15 mins to at lease start pulling old pictures and events together.
    Thanks for the nudge

    • Vicki Robinson

      Wow! I’m so impressed that you actually schedule your time to scrapbook! That’s a fabulous idea!! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!

      • Nita Carter

        Thank you for the reminder. My granddaughter said she wanted my Life story. I pulled some photos today and made a few notes. I will be busy. I love your templates!
        Thank you.

        • Vicki Robinson

          That’s GREAT, Nita! So happy you’re listening to your Grand! Lol! have fun!


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