Create Stunning Digital Art with Field Notes Nature-Inspired Collection

Field Notes Collection by Vicki Robinson Designs

The great outdoors has always been a source of inspiration for artists and creatives, and the Field Notes Collection is no exception. This stunning collection of digital scrapbooking supplies and art journaling elements is designed to capture the beauty of nature and bring it to life in your digital creations.

At the heart of the Field Notes Collection is the Field Collection Kit, which contains 23 background papers and 120 artistic elements. From birds and butterflies to mushrooms and flowers, this kit has everything you need to create stunning digital scrapbooking layouts or add a touch of the outdoors to your digital art journal. And the color palette is dreamy — soft green, tan, cream, brown, and rust! Swoon!

But the Field Notes Collection doesn’t stop there. It also includes Field Notes Tags, Quote Cards and Quotes, and Stamps, which offer even more creative project options. 

This huge, colorful, fun, natured inspired collection includes an eclectic mix of papers and elements suitable for any kind of scrapbook or art journaling layout!


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These gifts are included with your purchase of  the
Field Notes Collection or Kit!

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The full Field Notes Collection Includes

Note that each pack is available separately, but you’ll get your best deal when purchasing the full Field Notes collection!

  • Field Notes Kit23 Papers: 12 artistic papers, 6 journal/notebook style, and 5 solids. 120 Elements: 1 Bee, 1 Bird, 3 Bird Postage Stamps, 1 Bird Stamp, 3 Bird Stickers, 1 Birdbath, 1 Box, 5 Branches, 1 Butterfly, 2 Buttons, 3 Dragonflies, 4 Ephemera Stamps, 3 Ephemera Bits, 1 Field Notes, 9 Flair, 9 Floral Cards, 2 Flower Boxes, 6 Flower Stamps, 4 Flower Stickers, 5 Flowers, 7 Frames, 1 Journal Card, 3 Mushroom Stickers, 3 Mushrooms, 3 Mushroom Stamps, 3 Notebooks, 1 Notepaper, 1 Pitcher, 6 Script Words, 1 Seed Package, 1 Slide, 2 Staples, 2 Strings, 1 Tag, 1 Ticket, 1 Topiary, 1 Twig, 17 Wordcuts
  • Field Notes Tags: 42 total tags in PNG format in various sizes: 21 tags in PNG format in various sizes with ties and 21 tags in PNG format in various sizes without ties
  • Field Notes Quote Cards and Quotes: 9 finished quote cards in PNG format; 14 Quotes in PNG format; 18 Decorated Cards
  • Field Notes Stamps: 1 Photoshop/Elements .abr Brush file with 45 brush tips and 73 matching PNGs
  • Bonus with the purchase of the full collection or the kit: 4 element clusters in PNG format

Pssst … don’t tell anyone, but be sure to look inside the BONUS TOU zip download included with every purchase! You may just find a little surprise!

Field Notes Digital Scrapbooking Collection by Vicki Robinson
Scrapbook Tags by Vicki Robinson Preview Image
Scrapbook Quote Cards and Quotes by Vicki Robinson Preview Image
Field Notes Digital Scrapbook Collection by Vicki Robinson Preview Image
Field Notes for Digital Scrapbooking by Vicki Robinson Subscriber Gift Preview

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Creative Team Inspiration Pages

Visit my Designer Gallery at Oscraps to see these (and more) Field Notes Layouts

So how can you use the Field Notes Collection in your digital scrapbooking or art journaling projects? Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

  • Create a digital scrapbooking layout of your favorite outdoor adventure, using the Field Collection Kit to add natural elements and texture to your design.
  • Design a digital art journal page inspired by the changing seasons, using the Field Notes Stamps to add a touch of fall or winter to your layout.
  • Use the Field Notes Tags and Quote Cards to add meaningful quotes or captions to your digital creations, and give your layouts an added layer of depth and emotion.
  • Print out some of the elements to use in hybrid journal!

 No matter how you choose to use it, the Field Notes Collection will inspire and delight you with its natural beauty and versatility. So why not add it to your digital scrapbooking or art journaling collection today, and start creating your own stunning digital masterpieces?

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