October 2023 Digital Scrapbook Challenge

This Month’s Challenge


Nowadays, I’m super happy with small wins. Things others might not think a thing about. Things others may take for granted. But this week, for the first time in maybe three years (perhaps even longer), had a small but huge victory. That’s what my page for this month’s challenge is all about.

This month’s challenge is to create a page about one of your own recent accomplishments. It doesn’t matter how small (or monumental) that accomplishment was,  or how you choose how to tell that story. It’s totally up to you.  As always, the style of your page is up to you. Pictures, no pictures; scrapbooking style or art journaling style …  whatever floats your boat. Sound like fun?  

You can learn more about this month’s challenge me over at my Challenge Forum at Oscraps — and learn more about my own victory.  I’d love to see what up come up with — so won’t you join us?


What are challenges?  You can see all of my past challenges, along with a short explanation of what digital scrapbooking challenges are on my Challenges page.

October 2023 Digital Scrapbooking Challenge page by Vicki Robinson

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