June 2023 Digital Scrapbook Challenge

This Month’s Challenge


My June Challenge page is a reflection on how art journaling — both digital and real life — has become an important part of my life. Each page may look completely different from the others, but they all tell a story. Sometimes that story is very apparent and other times not so much.

That’s what this month’s challenge is — to tell a story about anything at all. You choose how to tell the story and what kind of story to tell.  Pictures, no pictures; scrapbooking style or art journaling style …  it’s up to you. Sound like fun?  Please join me over at my Challenge Forum at Oscraps for the specifics — I’d love to see what up come up with!

Also, I’ve got a new post with a fun way to disguise your journaling when it’s something personal or sensitive and you’d rather it not be readable in online galleries or social media.

What are challenges?  You can see all of my past challenges, along with a short explanation of what digital scrapbooking challenges are on my Challenges page.

Disguising Journaling on a Digital Scrapbook or Art Journaling Page by Vicki Robinson same plage

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