February 2021 Challenge

Find Joy in the Ordinary

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My Page — Changing My Perception

If there is one thing that the Covid 19 pandemic lockdown has made me realize, it’s that the little things —the everyday things —are important and are to be cherished. I mean, seriously.

Who knew that the mere act of taking a walk outside could feel so liberating? Or that worrying about having enough toilet paper was actually a thing? Or that the ability to pop out to the store four times a week — on a whim — was something I’d taken for granted? Or that being considerate of the health and welfare of other people is a topic open to debate?  Or (dare I say it) that the democracy of our country was so fragile? Or that dreading what I would hear on the evening news would be a daily occurence? Or that hugging a family member could be so high on my list of priorities for the day?

As I mentioned in last month’s challenge,  I discovered a lot about myself during the past year — it almost makes my head spin.

So, taking the joy in the ordinary, is something I personally need to do to keep my sanity. I hope it will resonate with you, too.  My page uses The Music’s in Me, which is $2.00 off during Februare 2021. The journaling reads:

“I have the power in me to change my perception. If I go out looking for all the bad, sad, unhappy things in the world, then that is what I will find. If, instead, I look around at all the good things, all the beauty and all the joy, then more of that will come my way. I’m trying to look for the beauty in my life and stop taking things for granted. Sometimes I think I’m so busy wishing for this or that, or yearning for something adventurous or glamorous that I forget just how blessed I already am. So each day I will ask myself, “what did you see this morning when you first woke up? Did I notice the beauty of another day? Of the sunlight streaming through the window? Of birds singing their morning song?”

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February Challenge Freebie

Finding Joy In the Ordinary

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Challenge Rules

This challenge runs through the last day of the month. The winner will be announced on my website and notified via PM in the Oscraps forum — usually the first week of the following month.

Entries may be featured on my website or in my newsletter or other social media.

All eligible participants will be entered into a drawing for a $5.00 coupon to my shop.

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  • For each of the products featured on this page that you use in your layout, you’ll earn another entry into the drawing. 
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    • Vicki Robinson

      What a wonderful page!!! Thanks so much for joining in!


    Thank you for the challenge and the challenge prompts! Music gives me joy and although I don’t play any instruments I do love listening to music and always have it playing in the background. As you’ll see by my page, music flows through the veins on my maternal side of the family. Here’s the link to my page https://oscraps.com/community/media/the-joy-of-music.348535/

    • Vicki Robinson

      Sorry you didn’t see your comment earlier — I need to approve comments before they are posted and I was delayed doing that. I love your page and those are fabulous pictures!

    • Vicki Robinson

      I LOVE your page Anthea!

  2. LD

    Fabulously Fun Challenge!
    I love the idea, especially this time of year with a pandemic raging!
    I found many ordinary things in life that I absolutely cherish!
    You’ll see in my page!


    Thanks again! Be Safe!

    • Vicki Robinson

      Such a fun, sweet page!!

    • Vicki Robinson

      No worries! I’ve got you!! Great page, as always!

    • Vicki Robinson

      Such a wonderful page!!

  3. Anthea Scotte

    Hi Vicki! I’m super excited about this new challenge but the link to the Music’s In Me just goes to the Artful Add-on 06 Journal Starter 13 Bundle Special Offer from last month. I tried searching for it and got no results. Also a bit bummed I missed posting my Jan challenge image because I finished it then I found out about the site revamp. I didn’t know until today that it was back open 🙁 so didn’t get a chance to take part. Ah well, it was fun to do anyway! The new site looks good though so well done team!

    • Vicki Robinson

      Thanks for letting me know — I fixed the link. I posted in the Oscraps forum that I’ve extended the January post through February because of the site closure — so go ahead and post. Be sure to look at the Site Help section of our new forum because the way you upload has changed. I’m going to email you too, to make sure you get this info. Big hug! I’ve missed you!


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