Digital Scrapbooking Challenge November 2021

What are Challenges?

Typically, digital scrapbooking challenges include instructions that you are to follow as you create a page or layout, with a specific outcome in mind. Sometimes a challenge will include a quote, or a set of colors, or even specific elements to use on your page — such as “1 ribbon, 2 photos, and a digital stamp”. Whatever the form of the challenge, it can spark your creativity and force you to think outside of the box and sometimes, out of your comfort zone. Each month I will provide a prompt or other freebie and “challenge” you to create a layout using that prompt.

November 2021 Challenge

I think most of us entered 2021 with the expectation that it would be a much better year than the last. And while it has been better, in many respects it has been just as hard. As life returns (at a slow creeping pace) back to pre-pandemic norms, many of us may be able to visit with loved ones and celebrate our holidays as we did before. But our hospitals and emergency rooms (at least in the U.S.) are still full, and it seems we, as a society, have lost our ability to have a civil discourse about anything.

For me, this month’s prompt put me in a “Calgon, take me away” frame of mind. For those of you unfamiliar with that phrase, it was a TV commercial for a bubble bath product that promised a relaxing, indulgent break from everyday stresses. While I’m not a “bath person.” the idea of daydreaming myself into a better frame of mind, is very appealing. My journaling, which is reversed and hidden on the page, addresses the piling on of pandemic stress and of caring for my husband during the worst of his disabling back pain and subsequent surgery (he’s on the mend now). If you’re interested in adding hidden journaling to your own page, I have a couple of video tutorials for you here and here.

Of course, YOUR page should reflect how YOU interpret the prompt — which is free to all challenge participants.

All participants in my challenges are entered into a drawing for a $5.00 coupon to my shop. You can find all the details, challenge rules, and how to get the free prompt in my challenge thread in the Oscraps forum! I hope you will join us!

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