Digital Scrapbooking Challenge March 2022

What are Challenges?

Typically, digital scrapbooking challenges include instructions that you are to follow as you create a page or layout, with a specific outcome in mind. Sometimes a challenge will include a quote, a set of colors, or even specific elements to use on your page — such as “1 ribbon, 2 photos, and a digital stamp”. Whatever the form of the challenge, it can spark your creativity and force you to think outside of the box and sometimes, out of your comfort zone. Each month I will provide a prompt or other freebie and “challenge” you to create a layout using that prompt.

Digital Scrapbooking and Art Journaling Challenge

Participants in my challenges get a freebie and are also eligible for a 5 coupon drawing held after the challenge period. This year, I’m also holding a $20 coupon drawing for everyone who participates in my challenges for the entire year!

About My Page

My recent [mumble mumble] birthday is apparently still on my mind — I can’t seem to let go of it. More specifically, I find myself irritated that how even now, in this “enlightened” age, women are still fighting for things men take for granted. Control over our bodies, equal pay for equal work — and have to prove over and over again, that we know what we are doing and are just as (if not more) thoughtful about our lives and intentions than most men. And how we, as women, are so willing to continue to grow and change and spread our wings. And that no matter what others think they know of us, they aren’t even touching the surface. So, underlying the art, that’s what t my challenge page is about.

Of course, YOUR page should reflect how YOU interpret the prompts — which are free to all challenge participants. Get all the details about this month’s challenge and the free prompt over in my challenge thread in the Oscraps Forum. I hope to see you there!.

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