Digital Scrapbooking Challenge January 2022

What are Challenges?

Typically, digital scrapbooking challenges include instructions that you are to follow as you create a page or layout, with a specific outcome in mind. Sometimes a challenge will include a quote, or a set of colors, or even specific elements to use on your page — such as “1 ribbon, 2 photos, and a digital stamp”. Whatever the form of the challenge, it can spark your creativity and force you to think outside of the box and sometimes, out of your comfort zone. Each month I will provide a prompt or other freebie and “challenge” you to create a layout using that prompt.

Digital Scrapbooking and Art Journaling Challenge Sample by VIcki Robinson Designs

Digital Scrapbooking and Art Journaling Challenge

I’m back with a new set of challenges for 2022! Not only do participants get a freebie, but they are also eligible for a 5 coupon drawing held after the challenge period. This year, I’m also holding a $20 coupon drawing for everyone who participates in my challenges for the entire year!

About My Page

In May 2019, I came down with a debilitating case of pneumonia. My recovery was long, exhausting, and frustrating and it prevented me from even the simplest of tasks for many months. It was the beginning of 2020 before I finally started to feel like myself and was able to renew my normal lifestyle. But then — of course — the Corona 19 virus lockdown hit here in the U.S.

The hidden journaling on my page is about my struggles during those months of pneumonia and how I finally came to realize that although long-term goals are important, sometimes you need to focus on much smaller steps. The tendency is, at the beginning of a new year, to set big, lofty goals — and that’s great but let’s not forget that in order to reach those big goals, you might need to break them into more manageable pieces in order to be successful. If you’re interested in adding hidden journaling to your own page, I have a couple of video tutorials for you here and here.

Of course, YOUR page should reflect how YOU interpret the prompt — which is free to all challenge participants. Get all the details about this month’s challenge, the free prompt, and more in my challenge thread in the Oscraps Forum. I hope to see you there!.

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  1. Su Hall

    Wow, Vicki! I remember when you were ill, but didn’t realize it was so bad!
    I’m so glad you are back and feeling good!
    I got sick in the spring of the same year. I was running temps of 102 and 103. I was so sick, I didn’t feel like calling the doc. On the fifth day of high fever, I was going to call, but, then, it started lowering. I managed to tough it out.
    The following year, just as covid was taking it’s debut, I got sick and went to the ER as I had just been diagnosed with Aplastic Anemia. They did an x-ray and said I had scarring from an earlier bout of pneumonia. I knew, then, that I’d had it when I was so sick. That time, though, it was an upper respiratory infection.
    Due to my lungs and being immuno-compromised to the hilt, I cannot get the vaccine. I have been in isolation for almost two years! It’s getting old!
    I’m not going to give up, though. I have things I still want to do! LOL



    • Vicki Robinson

      Oh, Su! I didn’t realize how serious your condition is! Please know that I’m thinking about you – keeping you in my heart always and sending you healing and hopeful thoughts. xo


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