Hi! I’m Kandi!

I was in the Air Force from 1985-2005 and now I’m working as a Dept of Defense Civilian working on my second retirement. I met my hubby at my first assignment (he was also in the Air Force from 1984-2004) and we’ve been married for over 33 years. We have two grown boys and one grandson. We were stationed in Izmir, Turkey for two years, but that was our only overseas assignment. We retired here in Louisiana and have been here ever since.

I love to read and if I can do it on my back porch listening to the birds and squirrels, that’s even better. However, Louisiana summers are pretty hot so staying outside for any length of time without a pool (which I don’t have) is pretty unbearable. Thankfully, I have neighbors with pools—but it would be rude to use their pool and then stick my nose in a book and not socialize!

I started digi scrapping in about 2013. My grandson was due to be born and at the time his parents were both in the Air Force. One thing I regret about being in the service is that my kids did not get to know the extended family that well. I didn’t want that to happen for my grandson.

I became a creative team member for the first time in Oct 2017 for Created by Jill. I was on her team until she passed in Nov 2018. I also became a creative team member for JQ Designs in Oct 2017 and still on that team but Jhyll but she’s currently on a design hiatus. I became a member of Vicki’s team in Feb of 2018. I can’t imagine being on more than 3 teams at once and prefer to keep to just a couple of teams for now, at least until I retire fully. Work gets in the way of my scrapping time! I’m a digital scrapbooking addict and have multiple external hard drives filled with digital supplies from so many artists!

Scrapping Details

  • Software: Photoshop CC. I just love all the available options, filters and brushes. I started with PhotoShop Elements 11 and the best things that I use frequently are the brush options, actions (creating and using) and alternate ligatures easily available in Photoshop.
  • Style: I tend to do a mix of traditional and mixed media style. I don’t think I do anything really well – definitely not journaling, that’s for sure! I” think I’m good at blending or photo treatment/correction. I’m also really good at combining multiple kits from different designers. This is my favorite way to scrap. When I want to scrap, but don’t really have a particular photo in mind, I love to select 10 random things (from multiple kits/designers) that catch my eye then select a photo that I think goes with what I selected.
  • Page Subjects: My grandson and my pets.



Forum/Gallery Names

  • kandib

A Few of My Favorite pages using Vicki Robinson Designs Product