Digital Artistry

Have you noticed recently – on Facebook or Pinterest – the beautiful “painted” and “sketched” images people are posting? I’ve always wondered how those stunning images are done, so I convinced my good friend, Cilenia Curtis, to share her techniques with me. Holy cow! Take a look at these images from my trip to Greece and Italy about five years ago. Continue reading

It Looked So Easy …

While browsing Pinterest a couple of weeks ago, I found this really cool, and easy idea for tinting mason jars! When you read that short article, notice the fabulous photos! They’re what got my attention – how pretty! AND how much fun this would be to be able to say I did it myself! And simple! After all, you only need Mod-podge (hello), food coloring and water. Continue reading

Journal it Out – Best Laid Plans

I had big plans. Yesterday afternoon I asked my DH to help me set up my tripod and new arm thingy that suspends my iPad mini over my work surface so I could tape my Gelli Plate session. I’d been watching all sorts of videos on different printing techniques and was itching to try them out. It took about ten minutes for me to get all my supplies from my studio to the kitchen island – so I had enough room for the prints to dry while keeping my paints and “stuff’ close by. Continue reading

Secrets and Lies: Studio Confessions

Secrets and Lies? Seriously? Read on.
I went into my studio this morning wanting to start a journal page. But it was such a mess in there, I couldn’t make my way to the table without tripping over the “stuff” on the floor. And there wasn’t an inch of room on the table either. Or on my chair. Or on the plastic-covered futon that serves as my “drying area”. My first instinct was to run for the hills. But then I realized that if I didn’t clean up, I’d face the same dilemma the next time inspiration struck. Sigh. Continue reading