Out-of-Bounds in Art Journaling and Photoshop

Vicki Robinson Designs @oscraps.com

What does out-of-bounds” have to do with art journaling or Photoshop? Read on. Definition of Out-of-Bounds Merriam Webster defines out-of-bounds as something “outside the prescribed or conventional boundaries or limits.”  For example, in sports being beyond or passing the limits or … Continue reading

And so it began …. my Unexpected Journey

Unexpected Journey

And so it began …. with a little snow. My unexpected journey began with a very rare occurrence in my little corner of California. December 7, 2009. It had snowed once before since I moved to here – well, technically it had snowed; but for just a few minutes and the few snowflakes that made it to the ground were doomed. However, on December 7 2009, it SNOWED. Big fluffy snowflakes – lots of them. Little did I know that those snowflakes would be the cause of a lifestyle change that led to my unexpected journey. Continue reading