Fearless … still.

In 2014, I chose the word “fearless” as a guideline for my approach to life in general and my art and business more specifically. “How’d that work out for you?” you might ask. Trying to be “fearless” didn’t solve all of life’s problems, of course – and it may well have have caused me to stir a pot or two that might have been better off left alone Continue reading

Rainy Day Play

Greetings from rainy California! We’re finally getting our much needed rain – and not just a sprinkling! I’m happy to report that this week brought a full-on downpour that lasted almost 2.5 days and more is expected over the next couple of days! It’s been cold, foggy and dreary-looking – but no complaints from me. With any luck we’ll be able to get rid of the bucket we keep in our shower to collect water for the garden! LOL! Continue reading