Years ago, someone introduced me to “life journaling” as a way to capture my day-to-day creativity. And it’s a way to work through issues that may be bubbling under the surface. Many would say that “art journaling” means the same thing – and I certainly wouldn’t argue.  But I also believe many people think they can’t “do” art – that was definitely true for me just a short time ago. The very thought is intimidating. “Life journaling” seems much less threatening  and everyone understands both terms. Is it scary to put your private thoughts and feeling on paper? Certainly. But it’s also therapeutic. However, just because you put personal journaling on a page doesn’t mean those words have to visible to the world.Life Journaling Page  If you look carefully  the upper right area of my page, you can just make out some of my journaling. But it’s not easily read and not enough of it is showing for a viewer to make much sense of it . Can you use images instead of words to express a feeling? Of course. Must you have a need to express something in particular to make a life journaling page? Nope. In fact, one of my favorite exercises to try when I just want to “play” is to look through my digital stash and bring into my document every element that catches my fancy and randomly place them on the page. This is the digital equivalent of laying down paint, stamps, stencils, doodles, etc. on canvas without a specific plan. You’ll be amazed at the results – I promise you something will emerge, whether it’s an idea or just a very creative work of art.