As part of my “fearless” art journaling adventure this year, I had the lofty goal of recording each of the weekly challenges for the Documented Life Project. And while I sill would like to do that, it turns out that’s not always practical – sometimes inspiration strikes at inopportune times. Sometimes my studio is such a mess, I can’t get the camera hooked up! Sometimes I find the challenges … well challenging. Sometimes I have recorded the video and then looked at my finished art and thought “Yuck – I can’t share this”.

I found myself falling victim to this last excuse a couple of times – if you could see some of the pages the other DLP participants are posting to our private FB group, you’d understand how easy it is to get caught in that trap. I have to keep reminding myself that everyone is coming at this project from a different starting place. Everyone has different skill sets. And that we are our own worst critics. And it’s the journey, not the destination …  right?

So here goes me swallowing hard and being fearless again … The first video is a “walk through” of the end results for the DLP challenges 5 – 9 (about 11 minutes) and the second video is how I created the background for the Week 6 poppies (about 6 minutes), if you’re interested.

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Have a great weekend and as Arnie (our former Governator) said once in a movie…. I’ll be back!

Weeks 5-9 Walk Through

Week 6 Poppies