Fearless Art Journaling: Week 4

If you’ve been following along, you know I’ve been filming (video-Paining???) my Documented Life project pages and sharing the process with you. This week, I tried to stretch myself a bit more. Instead of narrating the video after the fact, I recorded myself talking through what I was doing as I actually did it.

Talk about scary! But, I figured if I sounded too dorky or silly, or self-conscious, I could always pull the audio out and do a voiceover narration. That part turned out pretty much ok – although I guess you’ll be the judge of that. What I didn’t bargain for is seeing how much of a mess my table gets as I am “arting” and how hard it is to remember to stay on camera while thinking, talking and working.

Speaking of challenges, I’ve had a couple of emails asking if it is necessary to buy lots of “stuff” in order to get started in art journaling. The short answer is “absolutely not”  – although if you’ve read this post, you know I’m a believer in “whomever dies with the most “stuff” wins”! However, to prove my point, I challenged myself to make a deli paper background using only everyday household items to place paint and inexpensive craft acrylic paints.

Watch for the “oops” in the first video:

I liked the first background, so I decided to do another:

And then finally, I made my Documented Life, Week 4 challenge page – adding a secret message – using one of the backgrounds I made.  As you will see, I ended up covering the background as the process went on, but I’m very happy with the outcome – and I’d love to hear your thoughts.  Did you like this style of recording (the actual process) or the voiceover as I’ve done in the Week 2 and Week 3 videos? If you’re interested, I’ve started a new YouTube channel for my videos – if you subscribe you’ll always have easy access.

Thanks for stopping by my blog – I can’t tell you how much it means to me know there are people out there actually reading it!