As I mentioned in my last post, the past six weeks have been tough. So, Cilenia’s Artful Intentions Week 6 challenge to me – to journal about something I’m doing to take care of myself – was something I was not at all in the mood to do.

I’m in a melancholy mood right now. The weather has been rainy and cold and dreary. I’ve been to three too many Memorials. But I am trying to take a walk each day – or do some sort of exercise, even if it’s indoors. So, although you probably can’t read it, I journaled about how walking clears my head and how important it is that I don’t take anything, (or anyone in my life for that matter) for granted. I really struggled with how to represent my feelings while incorporating the terms of the challenge, but in the end, I’m ok with how it turned out.

Until next time! Thanks for stopping by my blog!