Permission Granted!

For the past several years I’ve chosen “a word” to focus on, to live with, to craft with, and to reflect upon as I go about my daily life. In previous years the word just sort of came to me. It would pop up over and over – I’d see it everywhere. Sometimes, a thought would hit me out of nowhere and something about it would tell me what that word should be. One year I woke up one morning and the word was there – in my head – the first thing!

This year, though, It’s been a struggle. At first I thought “resilience” because one of my encaustic pieces kept popping in my FB feed. And then I was reminded of the blog post I wrote last year about “gratitude” and thought maybe that was it. A few years ago, my word was “renew” and for a time I thought maybe THAT would be it.

As the month of December wore on, I was starting to feel more and more pressure to find the perfect word. I didn’t want to choose something really predictable and common, but on the other hand, I didn’t want it to be obscure either. Why wasn’t it coming to me as it had in years past? Was I trying too hard? Was there some deep dark reason that my word was eluding me? No one else seemed to be having problems. Why was this so difficult for me?

As January drew closer and closer, I started to actually worry about it! And over-thinking it. Crazy, right? I found myself scouring Pinterest for ideas and singing song lyrics to myself looking for a phrase to reach out and grab me. I even discussed it with my husband of all people! He who doesn’t have a clue!

It really was getting ridiculous. And that’s when I realized that I was the only one forcing the issue. No one else in the entire world cares what word I choose – and certainly there was no one sitting there waiting for me to announce  my decision. After all, aren’t I the one repeatedly saying (about art journaling) “there are no rules;” “it is what you want it to be.” “Just enjoy the process.” Isn’t that what I always say?

So … I have given myself permission to NOT CHOOSE a word this year.  I given myself persmission to reflect on as many different words as I want to this year. 

Permission: consent to expressly do something

I have give myself permission to switch things up. To go with the flow. To set my own trend. There you have it then. Permisson granted.

I’d love to know what you’ve chosen to do about a word for the year? Did you pick one? Do you plan to?

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