Journal it Out: Grief

I’ve got lots to do. A video to edit for my Documented Life project page. My Week 6 challenge response for Artful Intentions. I need to put together my art journal travel kit for this coming weekend. Product to finish for an upcoming release. A sale ad to create. A Valentine’s card to make  …. just lots of stuff.

But I can’t concentrate. Yesterday, we drove to the San Francisco Bay Area, in the rain, for the funeral of a friend. When we got home we found that another friend passed away on Friday. Sigh. That makes three since the beginning of the year. And it’s not even mid-February, yet. Talk about feeling sucker-punched.

I found myself in the studio, looking at my last journal page. Decided it came out ok, despite several mis-steps. Use my circle punches on some Gelli printed deli paper I made last week. Then decided to see if I could make some acrylic spray paint. Don’t know why that idea hit me. But it turns out I can. Then I started to spray every bit of a paper I could lay my hands on. Then added stenciling. Then some gesso. Used my hands to spread it. Made a total, complete mess of my studio (not to mention my hands). Sigh. It didn’t change anything. My friends are still gone and it’s still raining. But it felt good to do something that didn’t require too much thought. And now I have some backgrounds for future pages. 

Life sucks sometimes. Do you ever feel a strong need to journal it out?


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  1. Su Hall

    Hi, Vicki,

    Any time I am doing any kind of project, even dishes, I go into what I feel is a meditative state. My mind goes all over the place and I figure some of it out! LOL When I try to do that with digital painting or Photoshop, at least, I find myself getting more emotional. Often, my work mirrors my mood. I have finished works before that left me exhausted!
    It’s good it helped you! You did awesome awesome stuff!


    • Vicki Robinson

      Thank you, Su. Dishes don’t put me in a meditative state LOL! But when I walk into my studio and just grab product, I find that whatever’s on my mind doesn’t seem so oppressive by the time I’m done. Really good therapy! And much less expensive than the real thing.

  2. Tammy

    So sorry to hear about your friends, Vicki! You took your emotions out the best way…and creative some gorgeous backgrounds! Looking forward to your new video! 🙂

    • Vicki Robinson

      Thanks, Tammy.


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