Empty Nest

051213_EmptyNest2As you can see, the metal rods (guaranteed to keep the birds out) we placed in the eaves on the underside of the second floor porch are quite decorative. And useless. The golden finches managed to start construction despite our (apparently not very effective) roadblocks. The DH wants to knock it down so there won’t be any “mess” (which is not at all the word he used) to clean up in the coming weeks. But so far my veto has held.

051213_EmptyNest3Our own nest is also empty (both kids haven long been grown and on their own) – although son and daughter-in-law came for a lovely, although short visit this weekend. Once they were gone, I had the urge to play with paint … well, gesso, tissue paper and paint. Other than mistaking a bottle of permanent black ink for black acrylic (when they say “permanent” they mean permanent – my poor hands will never be the same), I think the background came out quite well. I’m thinking I’ll put a girl silhouette on it, but I haven’t decided for sure.  But I am sure part of this background it will end up in a digital product sometime soon.

How did you spend Mother’s Day?

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  1. Cilenia

    Love the metal rod branches! I’m with you on the veto. Maybe a screen behind or in front of to deter? And LOVE the art! Think I need to play too today as you already know how MY weekend went! LOL

    • Vicki Robinson

      Thanks, C! We already tried the netting – they peck it down! Those finches are persistent little things!

  2. Tammy

    I love your metal rod idea…looks great and does the job! Great background too…I am just beginning to play w/ paints. The boys moved home yesterday for the summer so I have a feeling my playing will stop until august when they go back to school lol

    • Vicki Robinson

      Unfortunately, Tammy the rods didn’t work! Bet you’re glad to the boys are back!

      • Tammy

        What about some kind of metal mesh…like hog wire? My dad did something like that and it worked perfectly…it would also tie in w/ the metal branches!


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