Artful Intentions Week 12

My husband and I just returned from 10 days on the East coast. It was an opportunity to visit our daughter in New York City and to reconnect with family in Maryland – some of whom I’d not seen since I was a child. It was a great trip down memory lane and it reminded me of the importance of face-to-face contact with loved ones – even though, in this age of Facebook, it’s possible to stay in touch across many miles.

This trip was also an opportunity to renew another kind of special relationship. In 2007 or 2008, I found my first digital scrapping booking “home” – The Digital Design Den (now closed), run by Sandy Collins and Robyn Littlejohn. Sandy and I just sort of “clicked” and we spent many (many) hours on Skype chatting about everything under the sun. When I decided to try my hand at designing Sandy was more than happy to have me sell at the Den and without her support and encouragement, I’m sure I would never have embarked on this unexpected adventure.

In June 2010, Sandy, her husband, and his brother Jack were planning a trip from upstate New York to California. They squeezed in a brief stop at our home and although I was anxious to meet Sandy, I admit to more than a little bit of anxiety about the visit. What if we didn’t like each other after meeting in person? What if we really didn’t have anything to talk about? Would it be awkward?

Silly me! The hours flew by like minutes and when we had the opportunity to meet in Yosemite National Park in 2012 we didn’t hesitate at all. Fast forward to 2014 and my trip East. Sandy and her sister Sue took the train from upstate New York into the City and joined me and my husband at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. What a joy it was to see Sandy again!  I’m so happy that we both took that leap of faith to meet in person! Although we started out as “virtual” friends, there’s no doubt in my mind that our friendship is real! Have you ever met in person with an online friend?

Now you know the background for this journal page – which was in response to Cilenia’s challenge to me to:

  • Use a Grid
  • Add a doodled border
  • Finish this sentence: I am happy with myself today because…


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  1. sandy

    What an AWESOME page this is!!! And happy is perfect for this page as I was so totally happy the day I met you and with every meeting since! The grids look amazing and I’m always in awe of your creativity girlfriend. You totally rock!

    • Vicki Robinson

      Oh, girl I couldn’t let the occasion pass without something to remember that day! We had such a great time with you and Susan! Thanks so much for making the long trip down!

  2. Catherine

    How lovely for you and Sandy to meet up again! I think that probably made your trip extra special! Love the layout – it has that ‘gritty’ NY feel to it, with a little bit of softening provided by the butterfly. Nice! 🙂

    Nope – no online meet-ups – yet!

    • Vicki Robinson

      Maybe we can meet up on one of your trips to D.C., Catherine! We have an open invitation from my uncle who is in Rockville – just a 20 minute Metro ride away from the Capital!!!

  3. Tammy

    How cool is that. I have been really lucky to met a few of my online friends….first of all, Deborah from the Village lives right here in Omaha…we now do monthly photo walks and love our time together. She only lives about 8 miles from me…it’s a small world. I also have been lucky to enough to meet Val for lunch a few times as she travels from Chicago to Colorado…this year she flew…boo 🙂 And finally, last year, I had a huge opportunity to meet Christina from Sweden. It was her first time in the states. One of her relatives married someone who lives in Minneapolis. We decided to meet in MN and spent 2 nights in a hotel together…we found so many things we both love…especially coffee and chocolate lol

    I am so glad you got the opportunity to meet your friend….people that share your interests are the best!

    by the way….LOVE your journal page! Turned out perfect!

    • Vicki Robinson

      So very cool that you’ve had the chance to meet up with so many online friends, Tammy! I’m glad you like the page, Tammy – the more I look at it, the more I like it too!


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