Art Journaling/Mixed Media

Creativity Renewed – The Journey Continues
Creativity is a fickle thing; it comes and goes.You can yearn for it, but you can’t force it. You can
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The Nature of Artistry
Artistry. An artist is defined as “a person who creates art.” Art, at it’s most basic level, is defined as “something that
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Art Journaling 2017: Out of the Box!
Out of the box thinking was called for on this dreary, rainy, windy weekend, so I decided to start my
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Renew: My Word for 2017
Renew. That’s my word for 2017. Wth everything going on in the world right now, I knew I needed help
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Unexpected Journey
And so it began …. my Unexpected Journey
And so it began .... with a little snow. My unexpected journey began with a very rare occurrence in my
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Choosing Joy?
I had plans for this week. I have a list of tutorials I'd like to record. I have an idea
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Journey – My Unexpected Venture into a Creative Life
Unexpected? What unexpected journey? Well, for all my business life, I used the left side of my brain. Problem-solving and managing
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Adventures in Card-making
Card-making ... have you ever tried it? As I've mentioned previously, I discovered my creativity rather late in life. And
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It’s Almost Spring!
Our normally golden (ok, dried up) hills are very green, the oak trees are starting to leaf out and color
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