Art Journaling/Mixed Media

Art is Not Perfect
Art is Not Perfection – Not at All
Art is not perfection. That’s why abstract art really appeals to me –  because there’s no expectation that the result
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Dawn Inskip-live
Live as if There is No Tomorrow
“Live as if there is no tomorrow.” You’ve probably heard those words at least a hundred times. I would imagine
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Vicki Robinson Designs
Out-of-Bounds in Art Journaling and Photoshop
What does out-of-bounds” have to do with art journaling or Photoshop? Read on. Definition of Out-of-Bounds Merriam Webster defines out-of-bounds as
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Vicki Robinson-Art Journal Image
Art Journaling 101 – Part One: What is it?
Art Journaling – just the words themselves confuse people. What is art journaling? I think it’s fair to say that
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She’s baaaack!
It appears I’ve fallen off the blogging wagon … but I’m feeling the urge again, so I hope you haven’t
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Vicki Robinson -New Studio
In with the New (and Out with the Old)
“In with the new,” as the saying goes. Those of you subscribing to my newsletter know that we’ve just moved
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Creativity Renewed – The Journey Continues
Creativity is a fickle thing; it comes and goes.You can yearn for it, but you can’t force it. You can
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The Nature of Artistry
Artistry. An artist is defined as “a person who creates art.” Art, at it’s most basic level, is defined as “something that
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Art Journaling 2017: Out of the Box!
Out of the box thinking was called for on this dreary, rainy, windy weekend, so I decided to start my
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