Mixing Digital Products on Your Page

Mixing digital products on your page can seem a daunting proposition. After all, designer kits are pretty complete – they contain all the bits you need right? Well, of course they do. Sometimes, though you have idea in your mind and you just want more. If you’re like most digi scrappers, you have a huge digi stash, so why not pull from that supply – or add to your stash with brush and overlay packs to add finishing touches?

Mixing digital products helps stretch your stash and can add lots of depth and interest to your page.  Creative Team member, Jana, has done just that on her page “Post Card”. It’s such a fabulous blend of elements from different kits, brush packs an overlay sets – elements that weren’t necessarily meant to go together! And yet they have combined to create a page that commands your attention. Jana has done such a great job that I asked her for permission to give you peek into her Photoshop file for a closer look.

In my video, I show you each Jana’s layers and how she made them look so cool.  Have you ever tried mixing products like this? If not, I hope my video and Jana’s wonderful page give you motivation to try it for yourself!

P.S.  Jana’s fabulous page is linked to the Oscraps gallery – leave her some love please; she SO deserves it!

Vicki Robinson Designs @Oscraps.com

“Post Card” by Jana Holden

Once the video has started, be sure to click the little box in the lower right corner to expand to full screen view.






8 thoughts on “Mixing Digital Products on Your Page

  1. Vicki, thanks for this wonderful video. I’ve played in various art forms since age 3 but it never would have occurred to me to use only 1 kit for a layout! Maybe because I’ve learned many mediums. I’m glad to see this encouragement for others who might not branch out that way! I was especially intrigued by Jana’s use of the full page overlay with gesso from your kit. I LUV your overlays!

    • Thanks so much, Sue! I do think having worked in other mediums helps with not being afraid to mix product. Some folks just prefer sticking to one product to make sure everything coordinates, but I’m with you – experimenting is fun! And I’m so happy you like my overlays! Thanks for your nice words and taking the time to stop by my blog!

  2. Vicki Just Wanted To Thank You SO Much For The Leaves & Music In Me Free Gifts There Gorgeous Thanks For Sharing Your Artwork I LOve It Hugs :)xXx

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