Stencil Your Digital Pages For a Mixed Media Look!


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Adding a stencil to my art journal pages is one of my very, very favorite mixed media techniques! Why? because it is so simple! Lay the stencil down, use your choice of spray inks or paints on top, remove the stencil and voila! In just a few seconds, you’ve created a lovely background – or even focal element – for your artwork. Almost every art journaling page I create has stenciling somewhere on it.

It’s sometimes hards to recreate mixed media techniques on digital pages, but digital stenciling is one of those that work really well. Once you learn the technique you’ll find all sort of uses for it. I’ve done a short tutorial for you to demonstrate how easy it is to stencil digitally. If you have any questions about the technique, just leave a comment below.


The kit that resulted from the page I demonstrated is called “Breathe” and it also inspired my “Inky Stencil + Inky Floral” brushes, which include a spray brush and “Inky Alpha” brushes. All of the brushes are already “inky” so you can use them without the extra stenciling effect if you wish!

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Vicki Robinson Designs Vicki Robinson Designs


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