Dollar Store Score – Play!!

Play Time! Last week I shared my Dollar Store Score video – showing you all the goodies I scooped up at my local dollar store. I was looking for things to use as mark-making tools in my physical art and then also use to create digital brushes in Photoshop. As promised, in this week’s video I show you how I played with paint to test out thoseย tools. So, if you have 15 minutes I’d love for you to grab the beverage of your choice and take a look!

Dollar Store Score – Play!






22 thoughts on “Dollar Store Score – Play!!

  1. Hi Vicky,
    I am 72 but I look like 50s. I love your work and always wanted to do something like this. Here in NJ winter days like now can’t go out , don’t want to watch TV. This mixed art is boon. Only thing I don’t have good table where I can go whenever I feel like doing can do it. To buy I don’t want to spend too much money. But I located one in my garage. Soon with my daughter’s help I will move it to my family room and can do this. But that does’t stop me. I just whatever place in my house I can do I do it. I am so happy I can do this with simple steps u have gone thru here. I love your art.

    • Radha! So happy to hear from you again! I know how bad the weather is on the East Coast this time of year. I lived in NYC as a kid and my daughter lives there now. I live in the country and we have no craft stores, so I have to get creative too! Let me know if you find some cool household stuff to use in your art!

      • Hi Vicki, I have not written to you for a while. Got busy in summer. My god summer swished thru so fast. I wanted to know how transfer your mix media into brushes? I am trying so much end up getting nowhere.
        I like your help.

        • Hi Radha! It really depends on what image you are starting with. I generally convert my image to black and white and then do a levels adjustment to make the blacks deeper and the whites more white. You can use the lasso tool to make a selection around the area you want to be a brush, then feather your selection before you extract it. Sometimes I find an existing brush I really like, stamp it on a blank layer above my image; select the stamp; click on the image layer and then Cmd (or Ctrl) J to “stamp that part of my image to its own layer. Does that make sense?

  2. oh wow…guess where I’m going in my lunch break tomorrow ๐Ÿ˜€

    Any chance of a followup video on how you turned them into brushes?? Pleeeeeessseeee

      • cool can’t wait. And yes I did go shopping ๐Ÿ˜› got lots of goodies to play with and now I’m ransacking the cupboards and garage looking for more things ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Way too messy for me, I’ll just use what you created in my digital art! Love the presentation and all of your ‘sound effects’ when you reveal the results of your playing. So good to hear your voice, girlfriend!

    • Lol! Thanks, girlfriend! I know this is not your thing – but you don’t know what you’re missing! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • You’re so sweet Tammy! You know, I’m busier now in retirement than I ever was while I was working … so that “more time” thing? STILL don’t have it figured out!

  4. Those items all turned out pretty cool! Who knew? I love your presentation of it, too! You’re cute! LOL
    Just a thought, but, perhaps you could find a spray bottle with a finer mist, or, experiment until you can get a finer mist. I know the ‘accidents’ are what makes them so artsy, but, if you wanted a bit more ‘perfection’, shall we say? LOL
    Other ideas might be feathers, doilies and even crayons. Draw a design on paper with a crayon, then, spritz ink or paint over it. It won’t stick where there is waxy crayon. Like we used to do with Easter eggs! Or, like Batik!
    You could do all kinds of things! You got me thinking! LOL
    Thanks for sharing this, Vicki!

    • My BAD! Thank you for the brushes! I know they will cause a chuckle each time I use them! I keep picturing your hubby in the dollar store! LOL

      • You’re more than welcome, Su! It was fun to take him with me – but that one time was enough (if you know what I mean)! [giggle]

  5. How cool. Sure makes me look at items from the dollar store different. I am going to have a blast playing with my grandkids!!! Thanks for sharing Vicki

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