It’s Almost Spring!

cardYes, in my little corner of California, it is indeed almost Spring!

Our normally golden (ok, dried up) hills are very green, the oak trees are starting to leaf out and color is starting to appear in the garden. Spring is my favorite season – our temps have warmed up, the days are sunny and clear and the little rain we’ve had is enough to bring the daffodils up!

Although January is the beginning of the year, to me Spring is really when things begin again and it’s easy to be hopeful (optimistic?) about the future. Something about the crisp air and the return of the hummingbirds to the fountain makes my heart lighter. There’s a promise in the air … of change and renewal. I find myself smiling a lot lately. A lot.








15 thoughts on “It’s Almost Spring!

  1. Hi, there!

    I absolutely adore the new kit! The colors are so nice together! I think purples and greens are my favorite combination of colors.
    I love spring the most, myself. In the olden days, the entire year revolved around the seasons – growing the food and the birthing of new livestock, then, the harvest and storing for the winter. Ceremonies to show gratitude and hope were the start of many of the ‘holidays’ we celebrate still. The one season with the most hope, for me, is spring. You have to admire the way nature comes back to life and the whole world is buzzing with newness of flora and fauna! I get all poetic, even! LOLOLOL!
    I think I will pay your shop a visit! You got me inspired! Thank you!


    • I love reading your comments, Su! You always make me smile! Thanks so much for the nice words – and feel free to get poetic any time you want!! 🙂

  2. So glad to hear from you again. Thanks for these beautiful artsy clusters. Your brushes are the bomb. Hugs. 🙂

  3. What a gorgeous kit Vicki! I especially LOVE the examples from your talented creative team………….and of course you know that I ALWAYS love your brushes.

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