Winter Blues

Winter Blues indeed! So many areas in the U.S. have already seen major temperature drops and snow storms – so early!  Brrr!

For me, a big life change came about as a result of a snow storm. Five years ago next month (December 7th, an already “infamous” day) I slipped while taking pictures in a rare snow storm and broke my ankle. You can read my sad story on my old blog here. The break was severe and required surgery with a very lengthy recovery – including a month in a wheel chair followed by weeks in one of those most gorgeous of fashion accessories, a gi-normous black protective boot. I was pretty much out of commission for the better part of a year and even today there are lingering effects that impact my day-to-day life. But it was during that extended recovery period that I took up digital designing, which led me to art journaling and mixed media work and – well you probably know the rest … that whole being “fearless” thing that I’ve been focussing on this year.

I took over 500 photos that day in the snow, but except for the image for the Holiday card (see the referenced blog post above), which was the purpose of that photo shoot, I couldn’t bear to look at those images for a long time. Looking through them recently, I was struck by the thought that old pictures can bring up all sorts of emotions and it can be overwhelming to think of past events and what could have been. But then something magical happens. Time passes and you look at your past with older, more mature eyes. And suddenly – and sometimes unexpectedly – you realize you treasure those moments (even the hard ones) because they are what made you the person you are today. And when you accept yourself as you are today, there’s just no telling what kind of love will come your way.

If your part of the world is entering Winter, bundle up and keep warm and safe. And no matter what part of the world you’re in, don’t forget to look back and embrace all that has gone into making you the person you are today.

Winter Blues

My Winter Blues product contains a bonus set of scenic backgrounds that came directly from those pictures I took in the snow in 2009.




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8 thoughts on “Winter Blues

  1. Years ago, I met and eventually married a man from the Chicago area. When we moved up there, I got my very first experience with snow. I was not very well-equipped as I had lived in Florida all my life. All I had in the line of boots was a pair of Dingo’s, a dressy type of boot. One day, needing to go to the laundromat, I donned my Dingo’s and I had my toddler in one arm and a basket of clothes in the other. I headed over to the apartment complex’s laundromat. The sidewalks had not been shoveled or salted or whatever they do. Just before I reached my destination, I came upon a slippery spot of ice. I slipped and slid and did a funky little shuffle. If you recall the ‘Teaberry (gum) Shuffle”, well, that was me! All of the apartments’ sliding glass windows faced the center of the complex where the laundromat and pool and such were, so, I am sure plenty of people got to see my debut performance. I never fell! Nope! I shuffled about for a good minute or two, then, caught myself and went on into the building. I was more embarrassed than anything. Most importantly, my little one was not hurt. Laundry be damned, I made it! My story doesn’t have the consequences you ladies had, but, thought it was funny to share with ya’ll!
    It’s neat to hear the stories behind kits or layouts. I’m glad you can appreciate those photos now!


    • The Teaberry Gum shuffle! I remember that Su! – and I can just picture you trying to stay on your feet with the little on in your arms! So glad you didn’t fall! And I bet if anyone WAS watching, they admired your balance skills!!

  2. Vicki,
    I also took a fall without the snow to blame. I was walking my son’s puppy and slipped. Finally someone came to my aid as I had dislocated my ankle and had several breaks. Into surgery that night. Unfortunately, I also broke my arm so was in a wheelchair for many months and as you know, rehab is a painful nightmare. Later, looking at pictures of the area I fell, I cried…just lost it.

    I do not have beautiful pictures as you do, nor did I worry about my camera but I took my good arm and hand, held it against my broken arm to brace it, and never let go of the puppy’s leash! He never moved an inch and we waited almost 15 minutes till a jogger found us.

    That was over 10 years ago and the ankle damage haunts me with arthritis but that puppy, my first grand-dog, is still with us and can barely walk with it’s own arthritis. I surely empathize with your accident. Stay warm! Roberta

    • Roberta! I’m so glad you had your grand-dog with you and that he stayed by your side until that jogger came along. It really is amazing, isn’t it how life can change in an instant. I admit that although I looked through my pictures admiring the beautiful snow-covered place I call home, I did wince recalling how that day ended. I still occasionally golf, but cannot bring myself to look at the sand bunker where I fell.

      Thanks so much for sharing your story, Roberta! We’ve run into each other across the cyber world quite a few times, but now we have a bond!! And when that dang barometer changes and my ankle throbs (always thought that was an old wives tale!), I’ll think of you and know that I’m not alone! Hugs. Vicki

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