Journal it Out: Choices

choices-meI choose Joy. I have a choice, so I choose joy.

That’s what I did as I finally came to a conclusion on that really big decision I blogged about last month. I worried that thing to death. Turned it upside down and inside out. I lost sleep over. I looked over it and under it. I talked about it with just about anyone – and everyone – who would listen –  until I’m sure their eyes glazed over. This is one of those times that listing the pros and cons just wasn’t enough. One day I was sure of one road, but would wake up the next convinced of the opposite. Back and forth and back and forth. Second guessing … third guessing. What was it Yogi Berra said? “When you come to a fork in the road, take it.”  That was me. But it came down to what my husband asked when the opportunity first presented itself. “What will make you happy?” And he was right. I chose what would make me the happiest … what would bring me joy.

As I was preparing to open Studio Vicki Robinson at Scrapbookgraphics (am I dreaming? is this real?) I kept thinking about all the things happening around me that have such an affect on my emotional well-being. So many things are out of our control. The only thing that’s not is how we respond to what’s happening. Everyday we are faced with choices. Even “not choosing” is a choice.

And that’s how and why the Choices Collection came to be … to remind me of the choices I can make. I hope it does the same for you!


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On one of my recent FB posts, I wrote how I was so tired, i did all sorts of strange things (like put plates from the dishwasher into the refrigerator!). But since I made my big decision a reality, I’m sleeping better and starting to catch up on my art. This is Week 6 of Lifebook 2014 – sure wish my hair was all flow-y and pretty like that! But I do feel as peaceful as she (I hope) looks!



4 thoughts on “Journal it Out: Choices

  1. I’m taking the Healing course from Willow. My personal image is a mess! LOL I am trying to do it digitally and found some great elements to use. I can’t believe the emotion it is inspiring in me! It’s a good course. I love your image!!! She does look peaceful.

    You know what you said about doing strange things? A friend texted me the other morning. I hadn’t been up long and the coffee wasn’t kicking it yet. I texted him back, “Drinking coffee. Will respond in few months.” LOL I texted him back “Minutes! Not months!” He got a big kick out of that!

    That was more from just waking. I do goofy stuff a lot, though. My mind is always going in a million directions. I just want it to calm down!!! LOL

    Thanks for a wonderful post. I congratulated you on your FB page, so, I’ll just add a quick ‘atta girl’ and be on my way.



    • I’m doing that course, too Su. Although I’ve been a little distracted lately and I’m behind. That’s too funny about the text message – thanks for the chuckle!

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