Digital Artistry

Have you noticed recently  – on Facebook or Pinterest – the beautiful “painted” and “sketched” images people are posting? I’ve always wondered how those stunning images are done, so I convinced my good friend, Cilenia Curtis, to share her techniques with me. Holy cow! Take a look at these images from my trip to Greece and Italy about five years ago.

Original photo – Sorrento, Italy


Here’s my digital watercolor


Santorini, Greece



An view from the ship off the coast of Italy


italy1_sketchWhat do you think? Pretty cool? Wouldn’t they make fabulous greeting cards and look great on artsy scrapping pages?

I know there are probably lots of ways to accomplish these effects in Photoshop/Photoshop Elements, but Cilenia’s techniques are so easy, you’ll churning be out digital beauties in no time! Luckily for you, Cilenia is teaching her very affordable Digital Artistry class at Scrapanner’s from April 7th – 25th! The workshop Includes

  • Professional lessons via video
  • Several sets of realistic textures
  • Style and artsy brush sets
  • Sample images to practice techniques
  • Private message board access
  • Weekly interactive Q&A chats
  • Printable PDF handouts with step by step directions
  • Gallery for sharing your completed projects


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