Mixed Media Walk Through: Fearless Art Journaling: Week 3

The Week 3 challenge for the Documented Life Project was to incorporate an envelope from our mail in some form into our journals. That turned out to be more difficult than I thought, because nothing we had inspired me at all. As I explain in the video, I had pretty much given up on the idea when I happened to turn over a piece of junk mail from a venture capital company. And there, on the back flap, was just one word. Bingo!

Have you even used junk mail into your art? I’d l love to hear about it!

In this short video I walk through how I made this page – and how I also incorporated the digital art I made for my Artful Intentions “Fearless challenge.

Tammy asked about my nails in her comment and I thought I’d post this for everyone to see. Although my nails are generally a wreck, I do use Gloves in Bottle, a lotion that protects your hands. I apply it before every arting session and everything – paint, ink, gesso – just washes right off.

I got mine on Amazon, but I’m sure you can find it, or similar products in art supply and craft stores.

12 thoughts on “Mixed Media Walk Through: Fearless Art Journaling: Week 3

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  2. So glad to have you in the DLP group! Your work is beautiful and thanks so much for sharing. Don’t you love it when the “unexpected” happens and you find inspiration!? 🙂

    • Thank you so much, Roben-Marie! I admire your work so much, I’m thrilled to have you stop by my blog! And thank your and your other partners in crime for hosting the Documented Life Project!

  3. I am loving these videos. I finished my first piece, but not so happy with the results. Trying another one this week…I think I learned a lot from the first one so hopefully the next one will go more smoothly. Thanks for the hairspray tip…that was one of my problems…my pictured smeared.

    Love your results once again…you are so creative!

    By the way, how do you keep your nails looking so nice doing this stuff? 🙂

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