Artful Intentions: Growth

LO3bWhat does “Artful Intentions” mean? Well, it’s our term for visual journaling with a plan. Of course, Cilenia and I both love to create art for art’s sake and just for fun.  But we also both use visual journaling (or “art journaling”) as a way to express our emotions, deal with personal issues, and even to document life events.

We know that there are many of you that would like to try this style of journaling but don’t know where to start, and there are others that are intimated by just the thought of visual journaling. So to tempt you to try it, we’ve created not only a humungous kit, but a seven-page workbook filled with prompts, inspiration and ideas for how to get started. If you’re already a visual journaler, the workbook is just what you need to get your journaling mojo on!

A quick personal story for you. As you probably know, I do mixed media art journaling as well as my digital work. One day I decided to prep some backgrounds in my new Dylusions journal. I gessoed and textured a few of the pages and then set to work. On one page I decided to was just going to drip some blue paint – flicking my wet paint brush all around the facing pages. At first I was gentle. Then a little less gentle. And then a little more aggressive – and then even more so.  Honestly, I’m not sure exactly what happened, spatterbut before I knew it I was flicking that paintbrush like I was trying to put out a fire! Then all of a sudden, I was done.  I remember that I let out an audible sigh as I put paintbrush down. As I left my studio, I felt really good, as if a burden had been lifted from my shoulders. I truly have no idea what made me behave like that for those few minutes, but I suspect there was something unresolved in my subconscious that worked itself out via the paintbrush. Does that happen every time I art journal? No. Will that happen to you? Maybe. But the point is it amazing what happens when you just “do” without worrying about rules or what someone else will think.  And you don’t have to do physical journal pages to get the benefits journaling provides – its the act of focussing your intention that makes the difference.

Anyway, sharing my journal pages is not something I’m generally comfortable with, but I’m using this new project to put myself out there a bit more. Like many, I constantly struggle with balance – making sure there is enough time just for me. One of the ways I work through that is to journal about the things I want to do – just journaling a list helps to focus and re-enforce my intent. If you look carefully you can see me hiding on this page.

As we were thinking about “Artful Intentions” Cilenia and I decided on the concept of “growth.” for this project. Just look (the previews are below) at what you get with this collection – twenty-three artistic backgrounds/papers, 12 x 12; twelve artistic backgrounds/papers, 8.5 x 11; 133 embellishments; and a seven-page PDF workbook with ideas and challenges to spark your artful creating for the month – all around the theme of Growth! Take look for yourself!

Once you take a look at this product, and these fabulous pages from our talented Creative Team, we hope you’ll want to Grow With Us!

6 thoughts on “Artful Intentions: Growth

  1. Thank you so much, this is just lovely. I have been away from my MAC for a few days and was so pleased to find this in my emails, I am ready for a new collection!! Off to go shopping now! Congrats and thanks.

  2. A very thoughtful article. I love looking at Art Journal pages, and I’d love to create them, just haven’t taken that step yet. Perhaps…one day…

    Your papers, embellishments and…actually all of the collection, are beautiful.

    Good luck with your new collaboration! 🙂

  3. Congratulations to you both! I so enjoy your work and even though I cannot seem to create beautiful art journal pages like yours (don’t have that creative gene) they do inspire me to push my photo scrapbooking a little further. Thank you for sharing.

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