Using Snapshot in Photoshop’s History Panel
Using the "snapshot" feature of Photoshop's History Panel can save you time as you work your pages, because it literally
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Adding a Digital Paper Clip to your Pages
Adding a Digital Paper Clip to your page is super easy. Making it look realistic is also easy and, in
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Stencil Your Digital Pages For a Mixed Media Look!
Stenciling is one of my very, very favorite mixed media techniques because it is so simple! Lay the stencil down,
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Cutting Planner Sheets with a Silhouette
Are you considering jumping on the planner train? It’s being talked about everywhere! Since I’m a digi girl and keep
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Customizing the Photoshop Elements Workspace
Photoshop Elements is probably the most popular software for digital scrapbooking enthusiasts - it's the software I started with (way
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Unexpected Journey
And so it began …. my Unexpected Journey
And so it began .... with a little snow. My unexpected journey began with a very rare occurrence in my
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Choosing Joy?
I had plans for this week. I have a list of tutorials I'd like to record. I have an idea
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Journey – My Unexpected Venture into a Creative Life
Unexpected? What unexpected journey? Well, for all my business life, I used the left side of my brain. Problem-solving and managing
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Artful Mojo Rising – Stamped Silhouette
Creative mojo is a fickle thing. It comes and goes. You never know when it's going to visit and when
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